Our Clare Poems

We wrote some poems about Clare hurling team to celebrate their fantastic achievement in 2013.

Clare ,Clare, Clare are going to win,
We are going to put Cork in the sin bin,
John 3.7 talks about heaven
O Clare Clare Clare we are going to win.

Clare Clare Clare are going to win,
Clare are going to make Corks heads spin,
Patrick O Connor is the best,
He will let shine on the rest.
Darrach Honan is very tall, he will make cork look small.
O Clare Clare Clare are going to win.

Clare Clare Clare are going to win,
Clare wont need much tin,
Cork will lose, and that’s a shame.
O Clare Clare Clare are going to win.

Hon The Banner !!!!

By Tom

Come on the Banner!!!
Come on the Banner ye are so cool
You can do it because you rule
You’ll score a point and much much more
Ye will win by a deadly score!!!!!!!!!!!

by Tara


Come on the banner
We can do it
Tony Kelly is going to prove it
David Mac will come out on top
Until they win, Clare won’t stop!

By Patrick


Clare rule
Clare are cool
So don’t make them
Look like fools
Because they have the
Best crest in the west!


The Banner

On Sunday we will we see the saffron and blue
we will win the cup I’m sure it’s true Clare will win that’s not a lie
Cork will go home with a sigh.

By Thomas


Clare you’re the best
you’re even the best in the West.
Score a goal, don’t fall in a hole,
Come on Clare, act like a bear,
Come on, all the people will be there.

By Jasmine


Clare, Clare we are cool
We’ll make Cork drool.
Patrick Donnellan centre back
Won’t let in any craic.
Podge Collins half corner forward
Will make them go forward.
Patrick O’Connor is the best
He’ll beat all the rest.
Sorry Cork but we’ll trash you
Cos, we are super cool.

By Ciara