Kangaroos are marsupials and mammals too. They come from the Macropodidae family. There are forty seven species of Kangaroos.

Kangaroos can weigh up to two hundred pounds (ninety kg). They have strong hind legs and small short front legs, quite like the T-Rex. They have huge feet and tails. They are quite tall and they are a reddish-brown colour.

Kangaroos are found in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Tasmania. All these countries are in the Southern Hemisphere. Kangaroos are found mainly in Australia and are native to Australia as well.

Kangaroos move by hopping. Their powerful tail balances them while jumping and also helps them steer. Kangaroos have great eyesight but only when something is moving. They have amazing hearing and can move their ears in any direction to hear noises. They can’t move backwards but the Red Kangaroo is capable of jumping eight metres long and three metres high!!! They can also walk on all fours. They are herbivores. Females keep the joey in their pouch for eight to nine months.

Kangaroos are very unique creatures. Did you know that male kangaroos box to get the females attention? Their sharp claws on the back legs would be antagonizingly painful if hit by them. The airline Quantas uses the Kangaroo as their symbol.