Green Schools Programme

This year we are aiming to get our fourth Green Flag. The theme of this flag is ‘Travel’. For more information on Green Schools please go to :

On February 13th 2013 we had a ‘Love Your Bike Day’. Click here for more information

Green Schools Committee

Teachers Lisa Kilkelly, Patricia Lee
Pupils All Pupils
Non-Teaching Staff Mary Fogarty, Mary Clancy
Parents Emma Burke, Patrick Taaffe

Our Green Code

“Litterbugs need not apply
Change your act and then retry”.

“Be energy smart,
Be energy aware,
Let’s all work together
For a future to share”.

“Water is precious
Always conserve it
Think before you use
Every living thing needs water
Responsibility for our environment”.

“Tubber National School’s Golden Rule
is to walk, cycle or carpool to school”.