A visit to Dublin Zoo

Last week I went to Dublin Zoo with my mum and dad and my two sisters for my birthday at Dublin Phoenix Park. We travelled by car. I saw a big herd of cattle on the way. My dad loved them. It took us two hours and thirty minutes. I fell asleep for one hour and thirty minutes. Mum told me we were almost there. I could not wait to see the Snow Leopard.

We finally got there. First we went to see the Elephants. They had a huge enclosure. The Zoo keeper told us there was only 42.000 Elephants left in the wild. There were two babies and four adults in the enclosure. Then we went to see the Monkeys. They were very cheeky and playful.

Next we went to see my favourite animal, the Snow Leopard. There were three adults and one baby. Her name was Naoise. The Zoo keeper told us they can leap over 16 metres. He also told us they were endangered species. The Zoo keeper came along with big buckets of meat. He brought Deer, Goats and Sheep meat. I watched him feed them. They were very happy.

After that I was feeling very hungry watching the Leopards. I asked my mum could we have our picnic. She said we could. We found a picnic area for our lunch. I had a sandwich, 7up and sweets. I met my friend Ciara. We went to the gift shop. We bought lots of sweets and we ate them. We had lots of fun together. We were talking for a half an hour. I asked my mum could we go to see the next animal. She said we could so we started walking.

After lunch we went to the Reptile House. We saw a Nile Crocodile, A Python, Turtles and Tortoises. My favourite Tortoise was the African Spurred Tortoise. There were two adults and two babies. The African Tortoise can live up to 120 years old. They have a hard browny shell. It is very very hard and strong.

Finally, it was time to go home. I was exhausted and tired. But it was a wonderful experience. I could not wait to tell my friends all about Dublin Zoo.

It was a lovely day!