Register Records

Register RecordsWe are very fortunate in our school to have some register records dating back to November 1880. A plaque on the outside wall gives a date of 1875 as the foundation year of the school.

This new school, which is the building still being used today, was built to replace a thatched cabin that was part of the present church.
The old “Girls Register” dates from November 1880 to 1925. The enrolment in the school was quite high at that time. In fact 305 girls were registered between 1880 and 1895.
A new “Girls Register” was begun in 1925 and this book is still being used today to register all girls enroling in the school.
Unfortunately the original “Boys Register” is not available in the school. The new “Boy’s Register” dates to 1905 and it commences at register number 492. This original register is still in use today to record register details of all boys enrolling in our school.
Recorded on the register are the occupations of the parents of the child on roll. Some occupations listed included tinsmith, laborer, farmer, shopkeeper, teacher, stationmaster, farrier, carpenter and sergeant R.I.C.

We have many visitors to our school looking for information about their family members who would have attended here. We are very proud to be able to offer this service to these people.

Information Contained in Register Books of Tubber N.S.

Register Books of Tubber N.S.

From the above register we gather information on the child being enrolled.

Register Books of Tubber N.S.#2

Note that the children were examined in the 1880’s on reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic, grammar, geography and needlework. Unlike today they did not study Gaeilge, Science, S.P.H.E, S.E.S.E and Arts Education.

An example of needlework dating back to 1942

An example of needlework dating back to 1942

We also noticed in our attendance registers that during the 1940’s and 1950’s school continued until Mid/Late July and the children returned to school in Mid September. Local Fair days held on 15th July and 3rd week in September were days off for the pupils.