Science Day 2014

On Friday 7th of March 2014 we held a Science Day in our school.

Some of the children dressed up for the day. We had an astronaut, a science technician, a doctor, Nina (from Nina and the Neurons) and a mad scientist. It was great fun.

Some of the children brought in some interesting scientific equipment they had at home including science kits, masks, gloves, hair nets etc.

Lots of the children learned how to do experiments at home outside of school. We learned how to make a kaleidoscope and were shown how to do a trick with a glass of water and a piece of paper! We also learned about sugar disolving in water.

Some of the experiments were did were:

  • How to make raisins dance
  • A mini volcano
  • 7-up with Menthos spray
  • How to make lava lamp
  • We made butter using just cream. We shook the butter in an empty jar and also tried it with a jar with marbles in it to see which one was faster!

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